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released February 4, 2013

Produced by Gerard Dulay & Michael Pasterfield
Mixed and Mastered by Gerard Dulay
Recorded at home.



all rights reserved


The Zebs Sydney, Australia

Band from Sydney, Australia.

Gerard Dulay - vocals and guitar
Michael Pasterfield - guitar
Mauro Colusso - drums
Henry Jones - bass

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Track Name: Back Your Shit
kinda’ pre occupied
upon this twine of a line
40 feet with no netting in site
It’s a friendly fall
upon impression it seems
so back your shit ‘cause I’m…

ready to burst and
disperse all over the earth
splatter my guts give these maggots a feed
I think it’s intense
and a tad kinda’ bleak
I’ll fall and break your neck if you intervene

along my fall is safe for you, to move around ‘till you’re under cover

so I’m falling to earth
as if the world’s to give birth
such a struggle to such a strange entity
so I’m feeling this hurt
and I’ve caught this disease
back your shit ‘cause I’m…

spreading these knives
upon your children outside
line them up so it’s easier for me
the damage is done
and they’ve fallen to none
your life is fucked up and you’re too blinded to see
Track Name: Bunnykins
Around, Around you're spinning
out of control like a manic who's poppin' and pingin'
to a beat like this he's feeling
all along still turning, still burning, rewind, rewind to a time
when his heart was bleeding

waste a day (hey x3)
we're running errands, we're like fuck this place
we're fighting fire with some h20
we're slowly learning while we waste a day
we're running errands we're like

Back to sane
your head's still messed and you're still second best
you're set to ground and now you're laying around
on broken glass your back is
breaking and bleeding so believe
we're going to escape this feeling
Track Name: Balconies, (Chinese)
Kill the lights, you can finally hide
In the dark, your heart’s barely in sight
You’re alone with nobody inside
Call me up, baby, call me up baby

I’ll be there for you
I’ll be there for you
I’ll be there to collect your body for you

You are dead to me
You are dead to me
You, along with all the peers that pulled you from me


You killed the light s and now you’re hiding
In the dark you’re slowly finding your own heart
The whole world cannot find Thee
Like before you were lost right from the start

A moderator for a modern man today
You mock to breathe you mock to speak
Another person who was swallowed away insane
Oh what a shame oh what shame
Track Name: Bad Animals
watch out, the sun is out,
you’re destined to change
and dry up to the same
places, these races
you’re running in herds
and can’t be heard amongst unvarying faces
face it, you’re wasted
I’ve always mistaken you for
anyone // everyone

so patience, your laces
are untied and your whole life’s
a bad trip just chasing...


come out, the sun is down
your shadows will fall
and all you’ll follow is the darkest path upon
you’ll carry on, till the baggage is gone
and when the timing is lost
and all you’re left with is no place to stay
so face it, you’re wasted
I’ve always mistaken you for
anyone // everyone

so patience, your laces
are untied and your whole life’s
a bad trip just chasing...